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Welcome to JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd.

JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed company that specializes in offering customized property management services and providing all the solutions that you need to manage and monitor your plot and property in India from anywhere, anytime.

Our team consists of dedicated and qualified professionals having rich experience in real estate, construction, engineering, facility management, and technology development. JSR Services Hyderabad provides you with the ideal solutions to all your property management needs, whether a single plot or many different plots, farms, farmhouses, apartments, villas, and independent houses. Just contact us and relax, we will take care of your problems!

Who we are and we can do for you?

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Individual Plot Owners

JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd. will manage and monitor your plot/property closely. We will give you regular updates and execute your instructions for the chosen services at the regular intervals as desired.

Why We are Better

The key questions you may have regarding your plot can be:

What is the state of my plot?

How much time and attention should I give to my valuable property worth lakhs or crores?

We can help in getting relief from your worries regarding your property, whether it is a plot of land, an independent house, an apartment or villa. JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd., will help you monitor, maintain, and manage your plot, elevating your asset value for a nominal fee. Just choose the services you need and relax… you can be confident that we will handle the rest with competence.


Our Range of Services


We can geo-tag your property, mark its boundaries, place a Property ID Board.


Take out an EC (Encumbrance Certificate) and also provide regular plot clearing and maintenance.


We will post Monthly photos and videos of your plot to you via mobile app and web dashboard, and can also provide live video call facility on demand.


Our asset development advisors can assist you with buying, selling, leasing, joint development, market/guidance values, etc, and much more as needed.

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