Siddartha Mallik Boya, aged 46 years, was born in Nalgonda. He began his career in 2003 by undertaking excavation work for the Indian Railways OFC network as well as OFC work for BSNL in the states of Maharashtra, Chatthisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. He launched his real estate activity in 2004 and went on to execute 3 apartment projects in Hyderabad, 2 apartment projects in Nalgonda. He went to Mali in Africa to undertake bore well digging which continues till date. In 2020, Siddharth began network marketing under the brand name of Enagic and also diversified into interior design assignments since 2021.


Roopesh Kumar Chenna has more than 15 years’ experience in the services field. He began his career by designing online ads and developing marketing campaigns specially for the real estate sector clients. The learning experience proved invaluable in the client satisfaction field. Roopesh strives to design and deliver customized solutions with personalized approach to ensure high level of customer satisfaction. Today a wide spectrum of customers are benefiting with right investments to fulfill their needs and expectations.