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Presently it is the best time to buy a house because of the demand supply situation favours buyers. In these circumstances, it becomes very easy to buy a house but then there are many unforeseen hurdles that may crop up, making possession a very tedious task due to so many legal formalities. In addition there is a cumbersome procedure of taking possession which takes time, thus impacting your day to day life. Some people, like NRIs take a hasty decision to avoid investing in real estate. To overcome these difficulties, JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd. provides substantial relief to you by undertaking the possession of property on behalf of prospective buyers and helping them to enjoy good returns on their investment.

Our possession assistance team is offered to people or firms having multiple assets or staying elsewhere and need a man on the spot to safeguard their properties.

Our range of services is extensive and includes:

Collecting and verifying details of the property from the owners.

Providing description of dues to owner to be paid to the developer.

Represent the Owner under authorization ( with necessary documents) for executing the possession formalities smoothly and efficiently.

We forward the final possession papers after getting possession of the property.

Management of Keys

In any property, proper care of keys is very important. Many questions crop up in people’s mind when thinking of buying property, like who will take care of the property in my absence? or Who will be my single point of contact for any transaction? or Who would manage my apartment? or What, if the tenant possesses my property illegally? Some people avoid investing in Real Estate fearing the inconveniences that will occur. But now you can find a reliable and trusted Professional Company to manage keys of Residential & Commercial Properties on behalf of the owners. You are assured of total peace of mind for a very reasonable and affordable fee.

JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd., offers you the facility of ensuring that the keys of your house and happiness are safe and secure. Whenever a person asks to see and check out the house, we plan and manage the site visit accordingly, keeping you in the loop. All that is required is intimation to us via Email / Phone Call / SMS. The complete visit schedule will be planned and delivered to you via an email within 24 hours. You can also get photos and videos of your property as an on-demand service. Photos and videos will reach you not later than 48 hours.

Services tailored for NRIs

Legal Services

JSR Services Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd. has been established to be a single point of access for many varied services that our NRI clients may require. Our purpose is to offer a proactive, responsive and completely hassle-free service to Non-Resident Indians in the realm of property management. We have the experience and the skill set to cater to clients effectively, even if they are a long distance away and cannot travel frequently to India to manage their legal matters. We endeavor to achieve success in resolving the various knotty and complex issues that may arise.

We have built up a rare panel of Legal personnel associates who are experts in laws relating to real estate and who are working with dedication and made a mark for themselves in the Profession.

Our network and our strength are firmly grounded on integrity, goodwill, and exceptional services.

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