Refund Policy

Home Refund PolicyAny refund on services you subscribe to through JSR Services Hyderabad will be governed by the Refund Policy stated below. Further, some services may be governed by their individual refund policies. In all such cases, the individual refund policy shall be applicable in addition to this policy unless and otherwise, it is contrary to this, in which case the individual service refund policy shall supersede this policy.


If you get second thoughts and decide to opt out of our service after joining it, you are free to request a cancellation of the subscription within 24 hours of payment.

If the request for cancellation comes in after 24 hours and customer service reviews the subscription and accepts it then you are eligible to get only a 50% refund.

If any wrong representation is made or if there is a legal dispute on your property after onboarding to the portal only 50% of the payment will be refunded as we will incur onboarding and site visit costs.

Refund Process

We act only as a facilitator on behalf of the customer. JSR Services Hyderabad cannot be held responsible for any bureaucratic delays when dealing with government bodies / external agencies. Please note that all tasks are done on a best-effort basis only. The decision of the company will be final and binding on this matter.

The time to refund to process a request for cancellation is a maximum of 15 working days. However, timelines for the actual refund to take place and for the credit to reach your account would depend on the speed of banking channels and/or the credit card companies involved in the transaction (whichever may be applicable).