Legal Services

We offer various types of Litigation services as follows through our Associate Legal Experts:

Litigation pertaining to immovable assets:

  • Suit for Declaration for declaring the ownership of the property or declaring any document like illegal sale deed etc. null and void.
  • Suit for Possession for challenging illegal occupancy by the opponents.
  • Suit for separate Possession and Partition.
  • Eviction Petitions/Rent Petitions.
  • Suit for Permanent Injunction for restraining alienation of the property in any manner.
  • Suit for Mandatory Injunction for seeking direction of the Court for the opposite party (caretaker, licensee etc.) to vacate the property.
  • Petition for Grant of Letters of Administration.
  • Suits/Complaints under Consumer Protection Act where the builder has failed to deliver possession of the property within time as required vide Sale Agreement.
  • Suit pertaining to Adverse Possession.

Litigation pertaining to movable assets:

  • Suit for Rendition of Accounts.
  • Suit for Recovery of Money.
  • Suit for Grant of Succession Certificate.
  • Suit against bouncing of cheques.